Creator Spotlight: SKAN

Versus is extremely happy to have the opportunity to host talented digital artist, SKAN, for his first ever NFT drop on June 9th!

4 min readJun 7, 2021


Get to know SKAN and his experience as a digital artist below:

This is SKAN’s piece; “The Conductor”, which will be dropping on Versus this Wednesday (June 9th) at 10am EST.

‘The Conductor’ by SKAN

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey as a digital artist.

My name is Skan Srisuwan, or in the comic industry known as SKAN. My mission is to create art that turns into different things and formats like games, movies and merchandise. It excites me, every time I see the art I create become something beyond just a drawing. I studied fine arts and then started going towards more digital art. After spending a few years in Singapore to learn and work with many talented international artists, I came back to my home country of Thailand to start my own art studio, “Studio HIVE”, with my partner Kan Supabanpot.

We started in comics, where I’m fortunate enough to have had a chance to work directly with Stan Lee for his Romeo & Juliet the War graphic novel and since then I’m a regular comic cover artist for MARVEL, DC and many more. I’m mostly known for my Venom covers and did the first cover appearance of “Knull” so that’s really awesome for me.

Knull Cover (Marvel) by SKAN

Our studio has been working directly with AAA game studios for concept art and digital assets since the PS3 era. My first project as an art lead was Front Mission Evolved with Square-Enix, and later that series’s spin-off called “Left Alive” where I work directly with my artist idol Yoji Shinkawa. There’s many other awesome projects as well such as “Hearthstone” and an upcoming title “No More Heroes 3” with SUDA51. We’ve also worked on creating the artwork and designs for many different toys and collectibles.

To think that all this started from a few digital artworks I created 18 years ago, feels amazing. It’s great to see how far we’ve come and think where we are heading. I think NFTs will play…




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